2018. 01. 12. 13:26 | Bartók István DLA @ Comprehensive design 1
About the Complex 1 course spring 2018 in the Department for Industrial and Agricultural Buildings Design

Dear Students,
as you may know in the Industrial Department for the complex and diploma courses “complex” buildings are preferred (wide span halls, buildings with a bound (industrial) technology, sport facilities, but any other "complex" function like a hotel, apartment house in a downtown situation).

In spring 2018 we offer 3 themes/groups of plots for our complex1 and diploma students.
1. The revitalization of the storage tower in Budapest 9. The tower on the corner of streets Kén and Gubacsi, designed by Juhász Jenő and Pozsgai Lajos (IPARTERV) was built in 1966 as a wool storage. Today it is unused while there are considerable developments nearby. The task is the revitalization of the tower with an extension possibility, finding a new function (HYBRID).

2. HYBRID is the motto of the empty corner plot of the streets Jurányi and Varsányi in Budapest 2, next to Széll Kálmán tér as well. Due to the size of the plot it is suitable for more complex and diploma projects (team work). This valuable plot is unbuilt since several years probably due to its difficult facilities (strong slope, orientation etc.) We assume that a not quite homogenous, more complex program can more easily react on these circumstances. As a starting point it should involve an uncommon parking garage that may be combined with housing, hotel, sports, offices, community functions.

3. Since 5 years a number of projects have been running in our department are dealing with Rudabánya, a centre of iron ore mining in the Northeast of Hungary. There are several possibilities for programs; revitalization tasks of the town centre, newly built sport, service, educational and cultural functions and more tasks in natural surrounding and on the recultivated used-to-be ore mine area.

2017. 12. 29. 19:00 | Bartók István DLA @ Departmental project 3 for English course students
Dear Students,
the final results. (The preliminary presentation counts as 35%, the final submission as 65% in the weighted average.)
2017. 12. 20. 10:24 | Bartók István DLA @ Architecture of Workplaces 2
Dear Students,
the final results. (The 1st task counts as 35%, the second one as 65% in the weighted average.)
aow2_students_2017_final.pdf (60 kB)
2017. 11. 15. 10:03 | Bartók István DLA @ Architecture of Workplaces 2

Dear Students,
on Monday, 20th November 2017 we have a PROGRESS REPORT - a simple presentation of the current state of your design progress. You should prepare 1:500 site plan, 1:200 plan(s) of each different level, at least 1 section, 2 elevations, axonometric or perspective view in printed form.

2017. 11. 11. 12:24 | Bartók István DLA @ Departmental project 3 for English course students
Dear Students,
the results of the additional preliminary design presentation.
2017. 10. 27. 15:50 | Bartók István DLA @ Departmental project 3 for English course students
Dear Students,
the results of the preliminary design presentation.
Due to the schedule the additional presentation of preliminary design is on Thursday, 2nd November 10:15 am!
In order to fulfill the course you have to pass all the preliminary presentations.
2017. 10. 20. 17:35 | Bartók István DLA @ Architecture of Workplaces 2
Dear Students,
due to the time schedule Monday, 23rd October is a day off, but

on Wednesday, 25th October at 2.15 pm in room K 255 is the common Presentation and evaluation of the best competition entries with English translation.
2017. 10. 06. 17:14 | Bartók István DLA @ Architecture of Workplaces 2
Dear Students,
1. On Monday 9th October is the submission of the 1st task: printed version and the model must be submitted the beginning of the lesson.

2. About the second task you can find the design program and the 3 possible sites here. Site plans in dwg and pdf follow tomorrow. Until Monday you should form teams of 2, visit the 3 sites and be prepared for a consultation. The following studio week 16-20th October is related to your project, it is meant for the preparation of the preliminary design. It means there is no lesson on the studio week, it is for independent student work.
You can read about in the schedule of the course as well; it is for compilation of a 1:200 documentation like a competition, that you have to submit until 22nd October.
In the 2nd part of the course you will elaborate this project more detailed with the help of consultations.

2017. 10. 02. 20:22 | Bartók István DLA @ Interdisciplinary, Project based Design 1

Dear Students,

as we agreed today there are small changes in the time schedule as follows:

Wednesday, 4th October - day off

Monday, 9th October - 11:00 consultation

Wednesday, 11th October - 11:00 presentation of preliminary design

Monday, 16th October - 11:00 consultation

Wednesday, 18th October - 14:00 end presentation ad submission of final design

2017. 10. 01. 15:58 | Bartók István DLA @ Architecture of Workplaces 2
Due to the time schedule there is going to be an introductory lecture about the program and site of the 2nd task on Monday 14.15 in room K 250 with simultaneous English translation. The topics are: "Collective movements" and "Group behavious of drones".