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Course requirements:
Final requirements: Max. 3 lessons absence is allowed. There are two mid-term tests and one additional test during the course. The average of the two best tests must be at least 50% of the points of the two tests. Written exam
Credits: 2
Time: 2 hours lecture
Coursemaster: Bartók István DLA
Instructors: Bartók István DLA
1.8th February 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 Registration, History of Industrial Architecture 1 
2.15th February 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 History of Industrial Architecture 2 
3.22nd February 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 History of Industrial Architecture 3, Industrial Architecture in Hungary 
4.1st March 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 Load-bearing structures of halls and of multi-storey buildings 
5.8th March 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 Size standardization, Constructions of space separation, facades, Mid-term test no. 1 
6.15th March 2018, Thursday  Day off 
7.22nd March 2018, Thursday  Studio week 
8.29th March 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 Subsytems of space separation constructions 
9.5th April 2018, Thursday  Spring holiday 
10.12th April 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 Characteristic architectural requirements of technology 
11.19th April 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 Day off 
12.26th April 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 Logistics, transport, storage, social facilities 
13.3rd May 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 From location to layout, Mid-term test no. 2 
14.10th May 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 Environmental protection, Re-use, reconstruction 
15.17th May 2018, Thursday 10:15-12:00 K 285 Offices (to the memory of Tardos Tibor interior designer), Additional test no. 3 
aow1_1.pdf (6175 kB)The slides of the 1st lecture.
aow1_1_notes.pdf (87 kB)The notes of the 1st lecture.
aow1_2.pdf (6132 kB)The slides of the 2nd lecture.
aow1_2_notes.pdf (112 kB)The notes of the 2nd lecture.
aow1_3.pdf (6698 kB)The slides of the 3rd lecture.
aow1_3_notes.pdf (99 kB)The notes of the 3rd lecture.
aow1_4.pdf (4320 kB)The slides of the 4th lecture.
aow1_4_notes.pdf (72 kB)The notes of the 4th lecture.
aow1_5.pdf (5159 kB)The slides of the 5th lecture.
aow1_5_notes.pdf (88 kB)The notes of the 5th lecture.
aow1_6.pdf (3780 kB)The slides of the 6th lecture.
aow_7.pdf (5212 kB)The slides of the 7th lecture.
aow1_7_notes.pdf (211 kB)The notes of the 7th lecture.
aow1_6_notes_.pdf (64 kB)The notes of the 6th lecture.
aow1_8.pdf (4176 kB)The slides of the 8th lecture.
aow1_9.pdf (2952 kB)The slides of the 9th lecture.
aow1_9_notes.pdf (76 kB)The notes of the 9th lecture.
aow1_10_11.pdf (6949 kB)The slides of the 11_10th lecture.
aow1_10_11_notes.pdf (209 kB)The notes of the 11_10th lecture.
aow1_exam_questions.pdf (125 kB)
2018. 05. 19. 11:15
The list with the results after the 4th extra additional short test. Due to the course description the averege of the two best tests must be at least 50% of the points of the two tests, that is 32 points alltogether. Students who's course is marked with "+" have fulfilled this requirement. Students who's course is marked with "-" can not get the signature for the course.
aow1_students_2018_0523.pdf (68 kB)
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