Courses / Interdisciplinary, Project based Design 1

Course data
Course requirements:
Final requirements: Participation in 70% of the lessons is set as a condition. Only the active practice counts for presence.
Credits: 8
Time: 16 hours practice
Coursemaster: Bartók István DLA
Instructors: Bartók István DLA
Szabó Dávid

Theme of the course
The theme of the course is to design an energetically "passive" office building situated in a challenging city plot on the western slope of the Buda Castle Hill (Budapest; 1st district). We try to attain and correspond to architectural quality while designing with an emphasis of utilization passive and active solar systems by orientation of the building, optimizing unnecessary winter heat losses and summer gains.

Progress throughout the semester
The course will be held in a workshop style. Students’ work will be accompanied by consultants of both departments. Students will have to complete their tasks in groups of 3 students.
Thus in the beginning of the course students are going to get familiar with the tasks and the site in form of presentations and site visits. They also get acquainted with examples of renewable energy sources possible systems, technologies and solutions. The project will include paper model building and the continuous control of the building envelope with heat loss calculations.

The development/progress of their projects will be presented by the students in form of four open presentations during the seminars. These presentations will be immediately evaluated by the consultants who will discuss the work in public. As the design process goes on, students have to document related inspiring buildings, conceptual layout of the environment of the building and its interior and detailed plans of the building with emphasis on the applied renewable energy sources. The seminars not only provide space to collective consultations and presentations but also contain the consultant’s phase-specific presentations which shall improve the development of the work.

1.4th September 2017 Monday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Registration, introductory lecture 1, site visit 
6th September 2017 Wednesday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Introductory lecture 2 
2.11th September 2017 Monday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Consultation with both Departments 
13th September 2017 Wednesday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Consultation with both Departments 
3.18th September 2017 Monday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Presentation and common evaluation of analysis and concept design 
20th September 2017 Wednesday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Day off - Sport Day 
4.25th September 2017 Monday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Consultation with both Departments 
27th September 2017 Wednesday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Lectures, consultation with both Departments 
5.2nd October 2017 Monday 8.15-16:00  Consultation with both Departments 
4th October 2017 Wednesday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Day off - Faculty Day 
6.9th October 2017 Monday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Consultation with both Departments 
11th October 2017 Wednesday 11:00-14:00 K 222 Submission, presentation and common evaluation of Preliminary Design 
7.16th October 2017 Monday 8.15-16:00 K 222 Consultation with both Departments 
18th October 2017 Wednesday 14:00-17:00 K 222 Submission, presentation and common evaluation of Final Design 
site plan.dwg (349 kB)site plan
section.dwg (264 kB)section
project_design_ind_bc_010917.pdf (136 kB)The course description and conditions of Interdisciplinary Project Based Design 1 Autumn Semester 2017-2018.
site plan 300817.PDF (1574 kB)
intro_lecture_170904.pdf (1085 kB)
Project CONCEPT group A.pdf (2233 kB)
Project CONCEPT group B.pdf (2074 kB)
Project CONCEPT group C.pdf (2348 kB)
Project CONCEPT group E.pdf (1692 kB)
Project CONCEPT group F.pdf (13045 kB)
Project CONCEPT group G.pdf (4263 kB)
Project CONCEPT group H.pdf (2062 kB)
project 2017_result_171018.pdf (5 kB)The results of the half-course.
2017. 10. 02. 20:22

Dear Students,

as we agreed today there are small changes in the time schedule as follows:

Wednesday, 4th October - day off

Monday, 9th October - 11:00 consultation

Wednesday, 11th October - 11:00 presentation of preliminary design

Monday, 16th October - 11:00 consultation

Wednesday, 18th October - 14:00 end presentation ad submission of final design

2017. 03. 25. 10:08
The list with the final marks of the halfcourse.
2017. 03. 10. 11:19
Dear Students,
you can find the requirements of final submission here
2017. 03. 04. 11:25
Dear Students,

you can find the lectures completed about energetics here:

Zoltan Magyar: Indoor Environmental Quality
Levente Filetoth: Introduction to Solar Architecture

Levente Filetoth: Introduction to Solar Design Strategies

Levente Filetoth: Solar Buildings

Levente Filetoth: Solar Systems

Norbert Harmathy: Dynamic Energy Simulation

Levente Filetoth: Daylighting Light Sources

Levente Filetoth: Daylighting Openings

There is no link of the lecture of Zsófi Bélafi, however she is happy to answer yor questions:

2017. 02. 16. 12:54


Dear Students,

we decided to bring the energetics lectures forward, so there will be lectures both on Monday and Wednesday next week. For details you find the modified schedule on the website.

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