Courses / Interdisciplinary, Project based Design 1

Course data
Course requirements:
Final requirements: Participation in 70% of the lessons is set as a condition. Only the active practice counts for presence.
Credits: 8
Time: 16 hours practice
Coursemaster: Bartók István DLA
Instructors: Bartók István DLA
Szabó Dávid
Description: Theme of the course
We propose to explore the interaction between geometry and mechanical behaviour of structural systems where the shape of the structure has strong effect on its efficiency. In particular, we will study the basic construction principles of cables, arches and other structures, which are carry their loads via normal forces (tension or compression).

We will apply this knowledge in an architectural design project. The students will design an open-air theatre in Budapest (close to the University on ‘Kopaszi’ dam) with emphasis on the interplay between attractive form, functional values and efficient structural behaviour.

Progress throughout the semester
The course will be held in a workshop style. Students’ work will be accompanied by consultants of both departments. Students will have to complete their tasks in groups of 2-3 students.

Thus in the beginning of the course students will get familiar with the tasks and the site in form of presentations and site visits. They also get acquainted with examples, possible structural systems, technologies and possible solutions.

The development/progress of their projects will be presented by the students in form of three open presentations during the seminars. These presentations will be immediately evaluated by the consultants who will discuss the work in public. As the design process goes on students have to document related inspiring buildings, conceptual layout of the environment of the building and its interior and detailed plans of the building with emphasis on the applied structural systems and their geometry.

The seminars not only provide space to collective consultations and presentations but also contain the consultant’s phase-specific presentations which shall improve the development of the work.

The classroom K 222 is available for the students all day on Monday and Wednesday. Note that the door is not locked and other students use the class room on other days. Please arrive no later than at is in the schedule. You will listen to each other’s presentations on every Wednesday. Monday is for consultations, lectures and workshops.

Four main phases form the basic structure of the course:
Analysis – discovering the characteristics of the site: history, layers, development plans, etc. Each group will get a specific topic and will prepare a short presentation.
Architectural program: sketch of suggested new functions of the whole area, and detailed program for the building.
Architectural plans
– architectural behaviour, interpreting the context: building and landscape design. A full documentation of an architectural intervention will be developed in scale 1:200 or 1:100.
Structural plans
– the loadbearing structures will be developed without performing detailed calculations. Nevertheless, approximate dimensions will be determined through simple calculations, and the geometric arrangements of structural elements will be designed carefully in scale 1:200 or 1:100.

The course Project Design is run by two departments: the Department of Mechanics, Materials and Structures and the Department of Industrial and Agricultural Building Design. Students’ work will be accompanied by consultants of both departments.

1.22nd October Monday   Day off 
24th October Wednesday 11.15- K 222 Registration, introductory lecture 1, site visit 
2.29th October Monday 12.15- K 222 Student presentation - analysis 
31st October Wednesday 11.15- K 222 Structural Design Workshop 
3.05th November Monday 12.15- K 222 Consultation 
007th November Wednesday 11.15- K 222 Consultation 
4.12th November Monday 12.15- K 222 Student presentation - concept design 
14th November Wednesday  Day off 
5.19th November Monday 12.15- K 222 Consultation 
221st November Wednesday 11.15- K 222 Consultation 
6.26th November Monday 12.15- K 222 Student presentation - structure design 
28th November Wednesday 11.15- K 222 Consultation 
7.03rd December Monday 12.15- K 222 Consultation 
05th December Wednesday 10.15- K 222 Student presentation - final design 
project design 2018.2.pdf (120 kB)description
Dombov%C3%A1ri%20%C3%BAt.DXF (2117 kB)site plan
2018. 12. 10. 11:34

Dear Students, You can find the final marks in the chart below. Both departments gave marks for Your presentations, for ARCHITECTURE, STRUCTURE and FORM FIINDING METHOD, the average of these three is Your final mark for this project. We hope, You have enjoyed the coure and You could see the architecture from a new perspective. Have a nice winter hoilday.
project 20181210 marks.pdf (78 kB)
2018. 11. 05. 10:16
shellsprojekt_go_1819.pdf (8123 kB)
2018. 10. 29. 14:57
2018. 10. 25. 09:36
2018. 05. 02. 21:54
The list with the results of the 1st presentation of concept design. Due to the course description the result of the concept design counts 15% of the final grade.

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