Courses / Architecture of Workplaces 2

Course data
Course requirements: BMEEPKOA401, BMEEPIPA401
Final requirements: Max. 4 lessons absence is allowed
Credits: 6
Time: 6 hours practice
Coursemaster: Bartók István DLA
Instructors: Balázs Dénes
Bartók István DLA
Bálint Adrienn
Sükösd Zoltán
Description: The aim of the course is to summarize the acquired architectural-technical knowledge, to prepare for the complex architectural thinking before the Complex Design course, to develop independent thinking, capability of decision and cooperation in team work.

There are two design tasks during the semester. The first one is a small intervention; reserachers' lodgnigs or herdsmen's lodgings, the second task is a gene laboratory and visitors' centre in the Hortobágy National Park.
1.3rd September 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Registration, introduction 
  Representation of the semester's working process, the site and program of the 1st task 
2.10th September 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Consultation, common evaluation of the results of the site survey 
3.17th September 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Consultation 
4.24th September 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Consultation 
5.1st October 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Representation of the site and program of the 2nd task, Consultation 
  Submission of the 1st task 
6.8th October 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Consultation 
7.15th October 2017. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Preliminary studio week 
  Compilation of a 1:200 documentation like a competition, submission until 21st October 2018, 12:00pm, email: 
8.22nd October 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00  Day off 
24th October 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00  Presentation and evaluation of the best competition entries 
9.29th October 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Consultation 
10.5th November 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Technology defined rooms, social facilities, changing rooms, Consultation 
11.12th November 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Consultation 
12.19th November 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Consultation 
13.26th November 2018. Monday 14:15-20:00 K 351 Consultation 
14.4-8th December 2018. Monday-Friday K 351 PROJECT FINALISATION WEEK 
15.7th December 2018. Friday 12:00 K 251 Project submission  
14th December 2018. Friday 12:00 K 251 Delayed submission (with late fee)  
20130924_concept design+parking_.pdf (465 kB)Presentation of Concept design and parking requirements:
AoW2_costructions.pdf (29900 kB)
AoW2_facade materials.pdf (27316 kB)
AoW 2_Course description_2018-19.pdf (110 kB)
AoW 2_Conditions_2018-19.pdf (74 kB)
AoW 2_Topic_schedule_2018-19.pdf (81 kB)
P01_researcher_lodgings_2018_AoW2.pdf (307 kB)
P02_herdsman_lodgings_2018_AoW2.pdf (307 kB)
P03_gene_laboratory_2018_AoW2.pdf (290 kB)
site_gene_lab.dwg (654 kB)
site_info_gene_lab.pdf (833 kB)
AoW2_A1_template_2018_2019_1.psd (7794 kB)
2018. 11. 21. 17:40
Dear AoW2 Students,
see the results of the 1st task enclosed.
ArWp_2_1819_EN_1st task.pdf (54 kB)
2017. 12. 20. 10:24
Dear Students,
the final results. (The 1st task counts as 35%, the second one as 65% in the weighted average.)
aow2_students_2017_final.pdf (60 kB)
2017. 11. 15. 10:03

Dear Students,
on Monday, 20th November 2017 we have a PROGRESS REPORT - a simple presentation of the current state of your design progress. You should prepare 1:500 site plan, 1:200 plan(s) of each different level, at least 1 section, 2 elevations, axonometric or perspective view in printed form.

2017. 10. 20. 17:35
Dear Students,
due to the time schedule Monday, 23rd October is a day off, but

on Wednesday, 25th October at 2.15 pm in room K 255 is the common Presentation and evaluation of the best competition entries with English translation.
2017. 10. 06. 17:14
Dear Students,
1. On Monday 9th October is the submission of the 1st task: printed version and the model must be submitted the beginning of the lesson.

2. About the second task you can find the design program and the 3 possible sites here. Site plans in dwg and pdf follow tomorrow. Until Monday you should form teams of 2, visit the 3 sites and be prepared for a consultation. The following studio week 16-20th October is related to your project, it is meant for the preparation of the preliminary design. It means there is no lesson on the studio week, it is for independent student work.
You can read about in the schedule of the course as well; it is for compilation of a 1:200 documentation like a competition, that you have to submit until 22nd October.
In the 2nd part of the course you will elaborate this project more detailed with the help of consultations.

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