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Course data
Code: BMEEPIP0893
Course requirements:
Final requirements:
Credits: 2
Time: 2
Coursemaster: Szabó Dávid DLA
Instructors: Horváth-Farkas Zsófia
Szabó Dávid DLA
Description: ’Contemporary Architectural Offices’ is a theoretical course about Hungarian architecture. Guest lecturer Hungarian architects take lectures and site visits week by week from new buildings.

The lectures will be in English language, the site visits will be in Hungarian language for the international students it will be translated. There will be an attendance register in every event, to accomplish the course students have to attendance 70% of the lectures and site visits, minimum 7 events.

In the end of the semester during an oral exam every students have to take a critical presentation from one of the building which was presented in the course. The topic of the presentation will be given on last lecture. After there will be a consultation event according to the time schedule. In the presentation the students have to analyse the current building through his/her own viewpoint, opinion, plus have to compare with a similar building from his/her country. The presentation has to be a scientific and theoretical student lecture in maximum 6 minutes and 15 slides.

Rating view:         
- own idea and own opinion
- research
- quality
- design
- self made pictures (site visite)
- well fitted comparison
- theoretical background of the comparison

- attendance 70% of the events       
- scientific and theoretical student lecture
- analysis of the current build
- maximum 6 minutes
- maximum 15 slides
- nice design
- sign the sources every text and picture/photo
- in the end of the presentation mark out all of the sources
- presentation submitted in time

Digital submission:   
- the presentation has to submit just digitally by email
- in PDF, maximum 5 MB
- file name: CAO name topic date.PDF
- send to this email address:
- the submission is accomplished if a reply email is arriving.

The presentations have to be taken on one of the oral exams. Please register to one of it in the Neptun system.
* Those students, who have signiture from previos semesters can improve their last topics.
   In this case they have to reveal it utill the second lecture (they get special consultation, plus
   they will have to submit the essay until 06 March). If they do not reveal their decision, they
   will follow the same schedule as the other students.

Dávid Szabó
assistant lecturer
11th February 2020
1.14 February, Friday 3:00 pm !!! lecture Preliminary lecture /first lecture 
 K255 + Lecturer: Dávid Szabó DLA 
2.21 February, Friday 2:15 pm lecture Time Box - Temporary Exhibition Pavilions  
 K255 + Lecturer: Gergely Sági 
3.28 February, Friday 2:15 pm lecture Refurbishment of Árpád-házi St. Margit School - Kőszeg 
 K275 + Lecturer: István Bartók DLA, Péter Fejérdy DLA 
4.06 March, Friday 2:15 pm lecture Rudapithecus Spectacle, Protective Building & Visitor Centre  
 K275 + Lecturer: Zsolt Vasáros DLA / NARMER 
5.13 March, Friday 2:30 pm !!! site visit BudaPart Gate Office Building // SITE VISIT CANCELLED 
 1117 Bp, Buda-part sqr. + Lecturer: László Szász, János Dombóvári / STÚDIÓ'100 
6.20 March, Friday  spring break No lecture 
7.27 March, Friday  workshop week No lecture 
8.03 April, Friday  e-learning Topic announcement 
  + Lecturer: Dávid Szabó DLA 
9.10 April, Friday  good friday No lecture 
10.17 April, Friday  e-learning Study for the essay writing and requirements  
  + Lecturer: Dávid Szabó DLA 
11.24 April, Friday  e-learning Individual research 
12.01 May, Friday  holiday No lecture 
13.08 May, Friday  e-learning Consultation 
  + Lecturer: Dávid Szabó DLA 
14.15 May, Friday e-learning Consultation 
18 May, Monday 24:00 submission Essay digitial submission 
15.29 May, Friday 24:00 delayed submission Essay digitial delayed submission - without late fee 
02 June, Tuesday 24:00 delayed submission Essay digitial delayed submission - with late fee 
2019. 12. 10. 08:32


The results of the essays with some comments are in the file below.

2019. 06. 17. 13:53
The results of the essays with some comments is in the file below.
CAO- results - 20190617 .pdf (96 kB)
2019. 04. 28. 10:33

The personalized topics and more informations are in the file below:
CAO topics 2019.pdf (256 kB)
2019. 04. 18. 10:13
2019. 04. 09. 08:20

On 12th of April there will be a SITE VISITE.
It will start at 2:45 pm, meeting point at the entrance of the building.
1133 Budapest XiII. district, Pannónia str. 77-79.

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