Tantárgyak / Interdisciplinary, Project based Design 1

Tantárgykód: BMEEPTCEP01
Követelmények: Participation in 70% of the lessons is set as a condition. Only the active practice counts for presence.
Kredit: 8
Heti óraszám: 16 hours practice
Tárgyfelelős: Szabó Dávid DLA
Oktatók: Szabó Dávid DLA

Theme of the course
The theme of the course is to design a social housing project, situated in a challenging city plot close to the downtown, at the VIII. district (Budapest, Nap u. 8, 1082) in a historical environment. The main goal is to design livable homes for low income families with efficient, durable technical solutions.

Theme of the course
The course will be held in a workshop style. Students' will be accopmanied by consultants of both departments (design&building constructions). Students will have to complete their tasks in groups of 3. Groups will be international and formed in a way that students in the group are from different years of their studies.

In the beginning of the course students will get familiar with the site and the task in the form of presentations and site visits. Students have to document an analysis of the site, and at least two inspiring buildings related to the task and their constructional solutions.

The analysis of inspiring buildings should address the location and climate, with an analysis of the spatial and functional system of the presented buildings. It should also contain a short evaluation of the design's suitability as social housing (why and how it could serve this function and what level of comfort - functional, thermal, visual, acoustic - was achieved).

The analysis of building construction solutions should be done separately, but in a way that complements the above study of the inspiring examples. It should address the structure size and type, the choice of materials and constructions and the unique design choices that influenced the constructional solutions of the building. The students must provide a list of the most important choices and solutions that couldn't have been made, were the same design attempted to be built on the Budapest site.

Apart from the presentation of these analyses the progress of projects has to be presented on two occasions before the final presentation, as indicated in the schedule. All presentations will be immediately evaluated by the consultants who will discuss the work in public.

The classroom K 222 is available for the students all day on Monday and Wednesday. Note that the door is not locked and other students use the class room on other days. Please arrive no later than it is indicated in the schedule. You will listen to each other’s presentations on almost every Monday. Wednesday is for consultations, lectures and workshops.

1 BP Nap str 8 - site plan.dwg (1834 kB)site plan
2 BP Nap str 8 - site plan.dwg (32 kB)site plan
3 BP Nap str 8 - street elevation.dwg (48 kB)street elevation
4 BP Nap str 8 - basic modell.dwg (25 kB)basic modell
5 BP Nap str 8 - google 3D.jpg (1806 kB)google 3D
6 course description.pdf (101 kB)course description
7 flatmix + regulation.pdf (30 kB)faltmix + regualtion
8 site plan.dwg (2722 kB)site plan
9 3D modell.skp (7761 kB)3D modell
8.28. Oct. Monday 12:00 K 222 Registration, introductory lecture, site visit 
30. Oct.Wednesday 12:00 K 222 Student presentation - analysis 
9.04. Nov. Monday 12:00 K 222 Student presentation - motivating social housing examples  
06. Nov. Wednesday 12:00 K 222 Student presentation - study of building construction studies 
10.11. Nov. Monday 12:00 K 222 Consultation 
17. Nov. Wednesday 12:00 K 222 Consultation 
11.18. Nov. Monday 12:00 K 222 Student presentation - concept design 
20. Nov. Wednesday 12:00 K 222 Consultation 
12.25. Nov. Monday 12:00 K 222 Consultation 
27. Nov. Wednesday12:00 K 222 Consultation 
13.02. Dec. Monday 12:00 K 222 Student presentation - building construction solutions 
04. Dec. Wednesday 12:00 K 222 Consultation 
14.19. Dec. Monday 12:00 K 222 Consultation 
11. Dec. Wednesday   Plancompletion - no consultation  
15.16. Dec. Monday 14:00  K 222 Student presentation - final design 
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project 2019 2.2 - final marks.pdf (72 kB)
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7 flatmix + regulation_.pdf (30 kB)
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