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Course data
Code: BMEEPIP0995
Course requirements: Minimum of 4 semesters architectural and engineering studies, specified background during the registration.
Final requirements:
Credits: 6
Coursemaster: Vasáros Zsolt DLA
Instructors: Gaul Cicelle DLA
Nagy Iván DLA
Vasáros Zsolt DLA
Description: Similar to the international practice aims the course primary research activity on architecture and its documentation. The possible horizon of the research topics is determined by the course lists of the departments and the personal interest of the students. Beside the architectural topics will give the course an appreciation of interdisciplinary and special fields in international environment too. The project work demonstrating generic and specific skills and understanding of the open and synthetic character of the research.

The objective of this course is to hone the skills of analysis and abstraction in order to develop a framework for research. The student should be able to draw from precedent in both art, architecture and engineering in the development of this framework, which will act as scaffolding for the theoretical, experimental and creative decisions. This course will consist of a series of consultations to the teachers, but the essay should written by the student. The available topics are given by the Departments of the Faculty. The student can propose also a special topic for research during the course, but the teacher has to be agree with the proposal.
1.week  registration, define the frame of the research 
2.week  define the topic, compile the bibliography  
3.week  define the topic, compile the bibliography  
4.week  analyse the written sources, compose studies, research concept 
5.week  analyse the written sources, compose studies, research concept 
6.week  analyse the written sources, compose studies, research concept 
7.week  extended concept 
  mid review, presentation on the hosting department 
8.week  preparing scientific material  
9.week  preparing scientific material  
10.week  editing the essay 
11.week  editing the essay 
12.week  editing the essay 
13.week  final editing the essay 
14.week  final submission, compile the presentation 
15.week  late deadline for submission 
  final conference 
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